therapeutic massage

Our massages soothe the nervous system, relieve stress, and loosen muscles. Choose from a variety of bodywork techniques, or ask one of our licensed massage therapists for a private consultation to aid in choosing the most beneficial massage for you. We highly recommend utilizing our aroma steam room before or after your service to further enhance benefits.

Tranquility Massage
To calm, soothe, and melt away tension, bringing a renewed sense of well-being and leaving your skin with a healthy glow.Treatment is enhanced with your choice of lavender, peppermint, or lemon oil aromatherapy.
60 minutes… $90
75 minutes… $129

Lemon Chiffon Massage
Savor the refreshing fragrance of Lemon Flower and the revitalizing properties of citrus with a relaxing body massage. This aroma-therapeutic experience will refresh your body and rejuvenate your soul. Finish with a cool drink of lemon water. Leave with complimentary lemon flower body butter.
75 minutes… $135

Deep Tissue Massage
Chronic muscle tension can block circulation and cause pain and inflammation. Take advantage of this personalized massage that uses deeper pressure and friction to relieve discomfort. Your choice of aromatherapy oil is included.
60 minutes…$96
75 minutes…$145

Hot Stone
Incorporates the use of hot stones manipulated over the body to ease tension, increase circulation, and promote healing.
60 minutes… $109
75 minutes… $149

Upper Body Bliss
Designed to relax the back and neck muscles, promote circulation, and relieve tension.
30 minutes… $62

Pedi Massage and Foot Scrub
Salt scrub is used to clean and beautify your skin, followed by a stimulating and relaxing foot massage to ease tensions and increase circulation.
25 minutes…$60

PreNatal Massage
A gentle yet therapeutic massage designed to alleviate the tensions of pregnancy, leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated (second and third trimesters only).
50 minutes… $90

Re-balancing Neck and Scalp Massage Add-On
Not a stand alone service. Add-on only to any massage or body treatment. Add to your feeling of well-being. Scalp massages feel great, and can aid you in feeling more relaxed and content. They may also relieve symptoms of headaches in some individuals, relieve tension, and help those with fatigue feel more energized!
20 minutes… $20

*Add on Hand or Foot Scrub with any massage… $8

*Add on an Express Scrub with any massage… $42

Acupuncture Acu-BodyWorks
Acupuncture works by improving the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and blood to specific networks to nourish every cell of our body. Acupuncture treats a variety of ailments. We want to relieve your stress and support pain management. It is the practice of inserting micro-needles just under the skin at specific body locations to improve health, well-being, and a myriad of imbalances caused by the disruption or blockage of energy flow.

Includes additional treatments of Reiki, Relaxation Massage, or Cranial Sacral as discussed with your practitioner.
50 minutes… $119


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